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Our Story

Lavanyam is an ayurvedic brand delivering the effective skin and hair care products based on different principles of Ayurveda. It was established by Mr Jignesh Thakar and Mrs. Priyanka Thakar in year 2020. The founders say: – In 2015 we lived in a city where water was highly infectious. This resulted in people around us suffering from different skin allergies and extreme hair fall. We started researching the best claimed skin treating products and were shocked to find the toxins and harsh chemicals present in famous brands were also n aid on in increasing the skin & hair problems day by day.

Being the achievers of Ayurveda we then started treating people around us with different home remedies and curing them. Many people around us benefited and controlled their skin and hair problems with our home made products. In 2019 we became very popular for our Ayurvedic products and then we decided to convert our knowledge and passion into our profession and laid the foundation of Lavanyam in year 2020. A brand which develops products with the help of well-known Ayurveda experts and based on researches and attempts to solve every little condition that promotes skin and hair problems.

Our Mission

Through the dedicated efforts of our highly motivated team, we at Lavanyam are engaged in the task of spreading awareness of the benefits of the Ayurvedic way of life. Our mission is to satisfy the diverse beauty needs of customers and to revive the memory of our true divine nature; to rekindle our intrinsic ability to heal ourselves.

We believe in creating a healthier more beautiful planet. We aim to offer the highest quality all natural and organic Ayurvedic skin care products to support our customers for a healthy, natural lifestyle. All our products are harmful chemical free and herbs used are grown used organic methods of farming. Thus we aim to contribute in saving the environment and keep our customers away from harmful side effects of chemical based products

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Why choose Lavanyam

Lavanyam is a small, female owned Ayurvedic located in Vadodara whose priority is to create healthy, natural and ethically sourced skin & hair care products. Our ingredients are 100% pure and natural and are organically grown. We want to spread the goodness of Ayurveda to the world infused in the darkness of harmful chemical products.

We believe that when it comes to self-care, creating daily rituals to honor & love the mind, body & skin will cultivate optimal wellbeing. We empower people to replace their regular chemical based skin care routine with the pure nature based ayurvedic products with the same immediate results.

Lavanyam products are made with loving intention, are cruelty free, and never contain any paraffin’s, parabens, phosphates, mineral oil, or synthetic chemicals. We adhere to the rules and regulations made by Ayush Vibhag

We Are Proud To Be

We nurture all our products with pure Ayurveda based ingredients with utmost love and care, considering all the criteria of hygiene laid by Ayush Vibhag.

By choosing non-toxic material to contain our products, we maintain the integrity of the plants & minerals they are made of; further supporting our products to remain clean, pure & effective. We are proud to claim that we are

  • Made in India
  • Cruelty Free
  • Colour free
  • Harsh Chemical free
  • Paraben free

Team Leaders

Meet Our Executives Team

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Priyanka Thakar

Founder & CEO

Priyanka was born and bought up in pawan nagari of Ujjain, India. She completed her graduation in Computer and science. Later she moved ahead to complete her Masters In Business Management. In 2016 she was attracted towards Ayurveda and started learning and exploring it. She finished her expertisation as Ayurvedic Herbalist and started a home based business to address the day to day skin and hair care problems of People in her city. The products were highly resulting and soon she turned a homely business to a small scale industry.
Today, Priyanka is the co-founder of Lavanyam. She passionetly enjoys being an entrepreneur, which encourages her with an outlet for her creative energy. Priyanka feels honored and proud to be able to share the teachings and benefits of Ayurvedic self-care through her product offerings during a time when it is most needed. She wishes that her product line will help to introduce a new Era where people will endulge Ayurvedic practices into their daily lives. Priyanka believes that those who apply Ayurvedic principles empower themselves to be their own healer. She dreams that one day all families will teach their children the natural way of living and that the world will free itself from chemical based self care.

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Jignesh Thakar

Founder & CEO

Jignesh Thakar was born and brought up in Ahmedabad and Surat. Did his schooling from the very famous Sainik School Balachadi. Finished Mechanical engineering and was into various corporate sales,marketing and technical jobs for around 10 years. But being a gujarati and entrepreneur at heart ,He started his own Business of industrial cutting tools and lubricants in 2009. He got interested in Priyanka’s business ideas when he found that beauty,hair care and skin care products available in market have tall claims but are not ayurvedic. These products are overpriced on price to performance ratio. He supported Priyanka with all the infrastructure needed to run business and today actively involved in sourcing of result oriented ayurvedic ingredients and products. His passion is to serve the people of india and world with ancient knowledge of ayurveda through result oriented products.

We care about your health
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Ayurvedic skin products are made of 100% naturaland Ayurveda prescribed ingredients. You cannot find any chemical substances in the products. Hence they don’t cause skin allergies and irritation on your skin

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